Breeze Life

The heat has departed almost as suddenly as it arrived, and with it has gone my desire for floaty. Floaty is the worst in a strong breeze as it tends to make you look like you are hanging out on a washing line and getting a good battering, which can never be a good thing.

So, not very originally, I've gone back to fawning over vintage-style tailoring and dresses with ankle socks (pretty and useful, as toes get cold in sandals in the wind). I love the look of ankle socks, but I do always have the slight worry in the back of my mind that girls just want to revert to when they were four years old and life was simple and summers were long and you didn't need to pay any rent or £300 to fix your car's electric window... I half think of it as four-year-old chic, but then I stop thinking too hard about the psychological implications and just appreciate that it looks nice and being four was pretty fun actually.


Both images from margarethowell.co.uk

Judging by these lookbook pictures, I would quite like to live in nothing but Margaret Howell all summer. This is four-year-old chic that combines ankle socks with being a bit more grown up and possibly going on a yacht, or to a fancy French/Italian coastal town. Unfortunately it probably wouldn't translate to an inner hebridean coastal village so well, which is a pity as that is a more likely possibility for me this summer. Oh well.

My favourites are the white dress on the top row, the pretty shape of the look at the end of that row and the silk shirt slouchy trouser boy look on the bottom row. Perfect for breezy living and actually perfect for going to the Hay Book Festival which is my weekend destination. I'll see what I can find.

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