I've been feeling a bit 70s lately. This is unusual, as of all the 19... decades, I've spent the least time feeling covetous about this one. I think this is due in part to the fact that history seems not to have graced the 70s in any great ways, at least not in a social sense, which is the kind of history I like best. I am completely aware that I am glossing over the Apollo 13 mission, the Munich Olympics, Watergate etc, but events like these were 'world' events, and don't seem to have had an effect on real people, at least not in the same way as in my darling decades – the 1940s in particular. I like clothes that evoke a particular atmosphere or feeling, and wartime is quite an extreme example of that.

So it is to the 1970s that I am peculiarly turning for clothes inspiration now that the weather is quite hot. I'm starting to see that there is something really attractive about the slightly voluminous styling, something really alluring about revealing a shoulder and something cooling about floaty clothes in the heat.

Scan by MissMagAddict at TFS

There's a lot of drama in floaty pieces. The above is a scan from US Vogue May 1977, taken by Helmut Newton for a perfume editorial (the text, out of interest says almost word for word what perfume articles in magazines like Vogue still say these days) and is plenty dramatic!

Covetable 70s wear that I'm collecting (as jpegs on my computer, obviously) is really making me want a floaty white dress of some sort – another thing that is likely to be hard to find on my budget of zero. Will have to keep a look out for some vintage white cotton, chiffon, or, if I'm really lucky, broderie anglais!


Both images of Chloe SS10 from style.com

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