Wedding Season

I was reading the other day that it is 'wedding season' and then this morning our third wedding invitation of the summer arrived through the letterbox, proving it exactly right. Sigh. I have no money whatsoever, so some seriously experimental dressmaking is hopefully going to have to come into play if I'm going to wear something nice to each of them... Or maybe it isn't really so bad to wear the same thing to each one?

Images from Western Costume Facebook page

The Zooey Deschanel wedding-guest dress from '500 Days of Summer' (above) is, I suppose, a highly unoriginal choice, especially if you are a girl with brown hair and a fringe (bangs!) but making it was my main long-game aim when I decided to do a dressmaking course. It's maybe a bit more bride than guest though perhaps... For the impatient, you can actually buy a replica on Etsy, here. I still hope to make one similar one day!


  1. Wow that is an ace dress! Not unoriginal at all you should definitely make that! I thoroughly envy your dress/clothes making skills/intentions!

  2. They are mostly unrealistic intentions I think! Hopefully not unrealistic forever though, as it is a lovely dress.


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