Velvet Bows

I received my chambray fabric in the post yesterday morning, after unintentionally starting a debate with the grumps at FabricLand who denied ever having stocking any... The internet rarely talks back though, happily, so all was well and I ordered some from eBay.

I've been wanting to try this out ever since my post on enviable chambray designs here. I haven't finished it yet, but in the fear that I'll make it worse trying to finish it off, and that this is the zenith of its attractiveness (combined with the fact that I'm terribly impatient), I'm posting it now.

I haven't quite decided what to do with it yet either. I've been tempted to put some more velvet ribbon around the neckline at the front and back, and also to put some around the edge of the armholes, which are a bit on the untidy side at present. It's a bit of a departure from Elizabeth Lau, but this version is a bit more my kind of thing (i.e. it's a bit more Mad Men). I think I'd quite like to make a version in black with a light blue velvet ribbon, and maybe one in white seersucker...

Anyway, untidy though it may be, I'm quite proud of it (especially the zip!) as a first try. Hopefully I won't ruin it, and it will be wearable. If it is, you'll see a picture of me in it – if you don't, don't ask!


  1. Pretty! I really like the neckline, you are super clever!

  2. I'm glad you like it! I've been doing lots of different things to it, but whatever I do it keeps turning into a weird version of a nurses uniform... I'll get it right in the end hopefully!


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