Whit NY and I Shouldn't be Writing This

Image from Whit NY Facebook page

I really ought not to be writing this, particularly as it is 12.36pm and I have fourteen more pages of a book edit to go before I finish it. I really want to have it done by this evening.

Anyway, it's freezing cold in my flat, and freezing cold in Bristol and was so freezing cold in some places in Britain that there was snow yesterday. Consequently, all thoughts of summer have departed, and all I am interested in, clothes wise at least, is autumn.

In my procrastination, I stumbled upon Whit NY, which is all brand new and launches its autumn collection in June this year, I think. It's not the most exciting thing I've ever set eyes on, but everything seems to be quite 'quirky-basic' (which is a phrase I just made up) and useful I guess. There are navy and white polka dots too, which somehow always seem to draw me in.

Images from www.luckymag.com

What really caught my eye was the brown skirt/stripey breton top outfit, which is actually one of my own current favourite combinations (minus the pretzel hat), which will likely make an appearance here at some stage.

Anyway, it's pretty and fun, and has NY in the title, which always has me interested. Whitney Pozgay, the designer, also has a blog, which you can see here, if you are so inclined! Now I really must get back to matters of grammar.

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