Skirt and Cake

I finished my edit – these things always take me far too long, as I can always think of 'just one more thing' to do to them to make them better. So now I'm free for a few days before I go and do some research work at the Watershed (an independent cinema here) for a couple of days next week. Trying to think of something fun for Ben and I to do one day soon too.

I'm never sure what to do with myself once I've run out of work so at a loss yesterday afternoon, I made a cake (the remains of which are below – most of it went to the Doppkit studio – it wasn't me, honest). Today I've mainly been listening to Jarvis Cocker on 6music and David Jacobs' 'Broadway Classics' from radio 2. The former I've only just started listening to; the latter I ashamedly love, but only listen to every so often. I've also been taking eBay photographs of some pretty things that I hope will go to new homes soon.

I found the skirt above in a charity shop with the intention of selling it, but it's just too sweet to get rid of (I should probably be stricter with myself about this sort of thing). Looking forward to the weather getting warmer – please get warmer, weather – and wearing it with my men's chambray shirt that I picked up from another charity shop a while ago. It would go so so well with these shoes too... I'll just have to see how my credit card feels about them first...

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