Sunny Evenings

My house is lovely but quite dark, almost as if they built it at this angle on purpose so that it would never be sunny inside. Well, happily, if that is true, they failed. In the spring and summer, one room gets bathed in lovely mottled sunshine and becomes my favourite place to sit around and read and listen to things and pretend to work. What makes it better is that the window is excellent for people watching, which I really find quite addictive.


Anyway, I'm wearing a big vintage poofy skirt that I bought by accident on eBay. Everything I buy on eBay is an accident, as usually I just always expect to be outbid eventually, and often am not. It's quite a good system really. The shirt is Comme des Garcons for H&M which I bought a few years ago, starstruck about one of the first designer/high street collaborations, and desperate to own a bit of it. It was quite an anticlimax in the end, as it doesn't really seem any different to any other white shirt, although I'm secretly still quite proud of it.

I'm getting the feeling more and more that poofy clothes are going to be the next fashiony thing. Everywhere I look people are writing and wearing and photographing 'granny length' skirts, radiating outwards from Alexa Chung, just like many things seem to. There really is something about creating an illusion with floaty clothes that is much more alluring than just baring all. It feels more grown up somehow, and that makes you (me, at any rate) feel more assured and happy to just waft and swish around.

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