The Only Downside...

While this rather lean period of my life has been surprisingly empowering, surprisingly luxurious and unsurprisingly amazing, when I see previously-affordable Zara's monthly lookbooks go up I get just a little bit jealous of my (slightly more) monied former self. It's really the only thing that gets me!

June is really no different. I spotted it on my Zara iphone app ((!!) I'm not making any effort to avoid spotting zara lookbooks, evidently) last night and couldn't stop loud-sighing until Ben was convinced that there was something actually wrong with me. Well, there isn't, apart from a bad case of Zara lust.



(All images: Zara June 2010 Lookbook)

The kind of creamy brown dress in the first picture reminds me of a vintage Alaia dress that Garance Dore photographed here a few months ago, and to which I had a similar reaction. I'm not that keen, but quite curious about the white dress, as I've been thinking about white dresses and the possibility of making one for a while now. The last picture makes me a bit happy though as I have a couple of too-longish high waisted denim skirts and plenty white tops already, so I reckon I can copy that pretty safely (for my bank balance). One thing I reckon I might be able to stretch to though – white ankle socks.

I've been working pretty intensely on a book for the last few weeks, the author of which writes out all of his huge numbers and can't use an apostrophe, but the end is in sight. Whenever I do these I come up with a million things that I would like to be doing instead, but by the time I finish the edit and am wandering confusedly around the house with nothing to do, I've completely forgotten all of them. I'm going to try and make a list this time, while I'm editing. It can't fail. First is to go to Zara and investigate – and not spend anything.

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