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Lillian Bassman from fansinaflashbulb.wordpress.com

Jean-Jacques Annaud's L'amant

Tucker by Gaby Basora SS10 – Image from Refinery29

Whenever I notice that one of the bloggers I follow has posted something new, I'm always slightly disappointed when it is a 'moodboard' post. This is not because I think it's a cop out or anything, but just because I can never completely 'get' another blogger's moodboard. More often than not, as their name suggests, they are really a product of a particular personal mood,which I can never really understand in the way that it was originally felt or intended. Also it usually means that they haven't written very much, which makes me sad as I like the words just as much as I like the pictures.

This is not really a moodboard, it's just a collection of images that have made me sigh, Zara lookbook release day style, in that way that makes Ben think that there's something wrong with me. I'll try and explain them.

The top pictures are from Lillian Bassman's editorial photography, the main body of which was taken from 1940 to the 1960s. Both images are from 1949, I think for Harper's Bazaar. The one on the right is entitled 'Across the Restaurant' and is my favourite of the two. I particularly like the bow on the dress and the drama in the pose.

The next picture is from the film L'amant, which I have never seen, but which has been referenced quite heavily by Erin Featherston's Resort 2011 collection, which is how, in a roundabout way, I discovered it. I'd like to watch it I think. It is about an affair between a young French girl and an older Chinese man, and is set in French Indochina. I have a strange curiosity about old colonial life – it always seems to have such an unusual atmosphere surrounding it.

The final image is from Tucker by Gaby Basora's SS10 collection. The dress is so 1940s and easy and simple, and is made of something silky and expensive. It just makes me think of hot summers spent reading books on wooden verandas.

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