My first dress block and the first day of spring

Naughtily, instead of doing work I'm actually supposed to be doing, I made my first dress block. I had already drawn the pattern from my bodice and skirt blocks earlier on in the week, but hadn't made it up yet. It's not the best picture, and the darts need ironing out, but I'm rather pleased with it. Looking forward to adapting the dress block pattern to some other styles - princess line next I think.

In other news, today spring has arrived in Bristol! Also instead of doing the work I'm supposed to be doing, I went for a walk in the sunshine – and it was actually warm. I guess that means that its time to unzip the big plastic thing I've been keeping my summer clothes in all winter in the hope that I'll feel like I've been shopping when I open it... Or perhaps it's time to make an actual dress rather than just playing with blocks!

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