H&M Garden Collection

It was another shocking nice day in Bristol again today. I had to go and see a man about hiring some cameras, but by the time I was finished, the weather was just too nice to go home and work... so I went to H&M instead.

I went off H&M for ages, but I'm starting to like it a bit more now, (mainly due to Alix's amazing ability to find pretty things there) although I often find myself feeling a bit outraged at the quality of the material. I hate buying things that feel disposable even while you are putting in your pin number.

Although our little Bristol H&M is no great shakes at stocking the best lines, it did have some of the pieces from its Garden Collection (produced using sustainable materials - including recycled bottles, so that's good – right?) which I'd seen pictures of earlier on this year and really liked. I wasn't so impressed though – not so much because of the material this time, but by the weird cuts – particularly the white dress with roses on the skirt, which looks amazing in the picture, but in real life looks like it couldn't possibly fit anyone over 5ft. The roses on the skirt did feel pretty cool though – perhaps the red jacket would be a better bet?

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