This weekend we went to the park to sit under a cherry blossom tree with some friends to celebrate Hanami, the ceremony for welcoming spring in Japan. Hanami literally is 'blossom viewing' which I imagine is easier to accomplish in Japan, where there are cherry blossom trees around every corner. All the same, we managed to find a suitable blossom tree in a park, which we sat underneath, drank sake and ate rice balls and lots of other amazing Japanese treats in the sunshine. Ben made various different kinds of sushi which I had forgotten how much I love. It tastes so good but is frustratingly filling – I could eat it forever otherwise!



After such a lot of sushi eating, Azusa taught us some origami, which I've never been able to do, but always wanted to. We made a flock of little cranes. The paper was amazing, and some of the pieces were so tiny! I think we might try and celebrate hanami every year – it's such a lovely idea, and I feel like I'm not alone in spending all year looking forward to spring.


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