The Ls

This has been a funny few days. On Friday last week I drove to London with Ben so that we could go to a free Creative Writing day course at Roehampton University. It was good, but slightly overshadowed by the apparently mind-blowing fact that in order to get there, I was driving... in London. The double yellow lines were the wrong colour. It was scary. But actually it was fine, and the course was pretty good too.

Today I drove Ben to Liverpool so that he could be CRB checked before he does some work in a school there over the summer. I sat in the car and read a book (one of my secret favourite things to do – its a bit like when I was little and I used to read books in the greenhouse – it was really too hot, but I quite liked it) while they made sure that he wasn't a criminal, and then drove home. For being his chauffeur, he took me out to dinner.

My scarf is my newest favourite thing – it's a piece of material I got for free with a lot of vintage material I bought in a closing down sale at an old-as-the-hills fabric shop, which has sadly now gone. I really wish I had known about it before the sale – it was just a room with piles of fabric piled higglety-pigglety all over the place. You had to actually climb over it to dig through to the good stuff. My bag I bought a thousand years ago from eBay, and my top is from good old Zara.

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