Blog Fog

Typically, I finally manage two posts in one week, and then get snowed under the next (not literally, thankfully) and manage none at all. One day I will be a regular two posts a week girl.


Nothing though, not even a pressing deadline (especially not a pressing deadline actually), gets me out of bed in the morning the way spying a foggy dawn through the curtains does. 

I've always been a bit fascinated by fog, since the days of waiting for the primary school bus and running from one patch of lawn to the other patch and feeling confused that the fog around me didn't look the same as it did when I saw it from a distance. 

I think I like weather that makes a place look like a different place: snow, huge heaving storms, summer downpours that turn streets into temporary rivers, and fog, which seems to make my little part of Bristol look like a little patch of Dickensian London, everywhere you turn. 


  1. That's exactly what I associate fog with: Dickensian London. Which makes it really strange for me when I see fog in sunny Australia, it's like I'm back in England.

    I know what you mean about being snowed under by work. I hope you manage with your deadline!

  2. Fog is brilliant. Good luck with the work load.

  3. These are gorgeous, and oh to live in a place where the buildings are pastel-coloured instead of just red and brown brick (yawwwwnnnnn).

  4. those pastel-coloured buildings shrouded with fog are gorgeous! i love the fog, too.

  5. I love the fog. I used to be confused by it as a child, too! Those pastel buildings are lovely and even more dreamy in the fog.

    Oh, to be able to consistently post twice a week!

  6. I agree it is interesting to see a place so transformed. I went to kew gardens in heavy fog a while ago and it was so atmospheric shrouding the greenhouses. Good luck with the deadlines.

  7. Hey there, pretty Bristol. I miss you. x

  8. Lovely to see the muted colors coming through the fog... beautiful.

    I hear you on the blog-scene... I also have high hopes of (at least) 2 a week. Here's hoping.


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