Bits & Pieces

Spring never usually has this effect on me – I'm usually more of an autumn girl – but this time round I've been unable to resist the temptation of little springy bits and pieces. 

It might be some small subconscious attempt to prepare for my month away (trying to make up for the fact that so far I have planned nothing apart from where I'm sleeping), or perhaps I'm just coming round to the season a little more than usual. Either way, the compulsion has resulted in the acquisition of a couple of things that I'm pretty pleased with.

I bought this top mainly for the pretty collar (which is not a good reason, I realise) and although I'm not entirely convinced by the print, I think I'm coming round to it. I'm sure there's a rule that says you can't possibly go wrong with herons...

My usual incredibly cheap H&M sunglasses. When I was in high school, I had a reputation for not being trusted with watches (they always ended up in hockey skirt pockets and then the washing machine) and although I have improved on that front, I am still at the same stage with sunglasses – I can't be trusted with a fancy pair, so these will have to do. I quite like them though.

This top is actually Ben's mum's, but I'm borrowing it. The picture is of the back, because I love tops with buttoned backs – there's something about them, although I'm not sure what. It's my new favourite thing anyway, and the rusty brown 1940s colour is perfect.

I'm always pleased when The Gentlewoman comes through my letterbox, and although I'm not sure that this is the best issue they've done so far, I'm enjoying it all the same.

Last of all, some tulips that we rescued from the supermarket. I always feel like I'm rescuing flowers when I buy them from soulless chain shops – almost as if something as lovely and natural as a flower shouldn't be allowed to be sold in huge numbers by huge corporations for huge profit. Anyway, we rescued them, and although they didn't last very long, poor things, they were pretty nice while they did.


  1. love the peter pan collar of your blouse! so pretty.

  2. Oooh, you'll have so much fun in New York. I'm dying to go. Not this year though, this year, Islay! :)

    I've got my eye on some spring pieces, too. I love your heron printed top! The collar is a perfect reason. In the fall, it could peak out from under a sweater, too. Perfect!

    I'm a cheapie sunglasses kind of girl, too.

  3. ooh, tilda <3
    might have to buy the gentlewoman just for that interview!

  4. Herons are certainly a new one print wise, think I rather like it, makes a change from swallows at least - and that is one good collar. I'm the same with sunglasses and actually H&M always seem to have some good ones. Pretty jealous of your trip. Is it all New York or are you venturing elsewhere too?

  5. I love your bird top - so sweet! Can't wait to get my hands on the new Gentlewoman.

  6. I'm enamored of button-back tops too, though I have quite a hard time finding them!

  7. Spring comes in bits and pieces too, a bud here and a leaf there, so maybe soon you will be a full-fledged spring girl :)

  8. I like the idea of rescuing flowers from supermarket chains. And the top with herons...very chic.

  9. I love the print of that shirt and the sunglasses! beautiful flowers!

  10. I love the concept of rescuing flowers! I don't normally have flowers in the house because of the environmental impact of them (bahumbug) but just can't resist in spring. I think you must be right on the heron front too.


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