I always used to be quite blasé about travelling. When I was at school, and the time came to take a flight back home to Islay, the tutors would drop me off at the airport hours and hours ahead of time and leave me there (I usually insisted). 

I made a bit of a project of it. I'd sit for ages and watch people using airports – where they tripped up or did something they weren't supposed to, or got the procedures wrong – and eventually, probably aged 14, I was pretty sure I had airports down. Since then, I've consistently left everything to the last possible moment, booked the last remaining seat left on a crucial bus, ignored all paperwork and been confronted with a woefully unsuitable selection of clothes when I opened my suitcase.

Perhaps it's because I haven't left the country for three years, or perhaps it's the length of time I'm going away for this time, but for the last few weeks, I've been preparing like mad.


Unfortunately for my poor bank balance, this has usually involved acquiring things – but it's nice to think that being prepared doesn't just mean paperwork. One thing I'm so pleased to have in time for this trip is this Canon AE1 (top). Ben mentioned to his dad that I had been after one for a while, he happened to be going to an auction the day after and there it was. I'm looking forward to getting to know it a little better while I'm away. 

My other (possibly slightly optimistic) favourite thing I've acquired recently are the amazing Swedish Hasbeen-esque clogs (second picture), which I hope I get an opportunity to wear. These aren't Hasbeens though, they're from Lotta from Stockholm (so they're much cheaper).

I  have a new passport, travel insurance, guide books, other books, currency in advance and have even considered the possibility of a practice suitcase pack. I think my 14-year-old self would probably roll her eyes and disown me.


  1. I know that feeling! I'm starting to get a bit more comfortable with the travelling now - two 30hour flights a year helps ;) I'm finding I have little routines and things on the flights that I do without even thinking. Prep is always my most dreaded time though, I repack at least three times in the week before... haha the people watching is the best part of airports!
    I hope you have a superb trip :)


  2. love that EB White book about New York. Is that where you are headed? It's absolutely my favorite city :) I am hoping to move there at some point in the next year. I know you are going to have an absolutely amazing time.

  3. I prepare like crazy for trips, mainly because of years of travelling back and forth between Australia and Israel, where security is always an issue and you have to plan what to pack very carefully. Or it could just be my perfectionist personality :) Either way, I get so stressed out, and then go to sleep on the plane and forget everything.

    I hope you enjoy all the preparations though as it can be really fun to think about all the cool things you're going to do. I hope you have a great trip too!

  4. It is always exciting going on a holiday. You might as well squeeze all the joy you can get from the process too.

  5. I try to prepare as much as I can before a trip, but I always manage to pack a lot less clothes than I need every time. Crazy! Have a super fun trip and take lots of pictures!

  6. I love the photos, and those shoes look beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful trip... I've always loved sitting in airports - the smell, watching people pass by, it's so interesting! It's great that you're quite prepared for this trip!

  7. I'll book my flight or bus well in advance, but won't pack until the day/night before I leave. Last time I took a trip, I forgot a couple of things, but it was all right - my friend had me covered! LOL

    That camera makes me nostalgic - my dad had one just like it - although it was stolen many years ago. He taught me how to focus it and take photos with it. One of these days I'll have to see if I can get one. :)

  8. But it is New York (I presume)! NY deserves preparation. I'm super jealous. I hope you have a wonderful trip. x

  9. I find there is something quite enjoyable about holiday preparations. Maybe because there is always someone else around to take care of the visas and all the stressful form-filling, etc. It's just that slow, gradual build-up towards the actual flight; I love the anticipation. I hope you have a marvellous trip!


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