Twee Forgive Me

This long weekend I was able to get up to London for the first time in an age (probably a year) and it was lovely – like someone else's life entirely, although one I'd be quite happy to take on. 

The main reason for our trip was to go and see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy with Ben's parents and then to wander round the corner to have lunch right at the top of the National Portrait Gallery, with its incredible rooftop views across London.
It really was all quite spectacular, and I hope to write more on the exhibition, and exhibitions in general, another day (once I've sorted out my thoughts about them). 

The other reason for our trip was that Ben had been given an 'experience' as a Christmas gift, part of which involved a very indulgent afternoon tea featuring all of the terribly twee things (macaroons, teacups etc) that years ago I promised myself I would generally try to avoid featuring in blog posts. I suppose it had to happen sometime though, and it was Easter...

I'm actually not sure that I've ever had a real full afternoon tea before, and I'm equally unsure whether I would ever need to have one again, but it was all terribly photogenic, and actually I'm afraid I just couldn't help myself. 
IMG_0039 copy
IMG_0054 copy


  1. Ooh I love that tea sieve (is tha the proper name for it). Sounds all really lovely. If only all weekends were long ones.

    1. It was pretty fancy. I think it's called a tea strainer - although sieve sounds much nicer.

  2. Oh my. What a lovely weekend. I lived in London years & years ago and I often dream about going back someday....I'm saving my pennies since it is far away from where I live now. Thanks for the little photo trip!

  3. I love London. Your photos make me want to visit again soon.

  4. I love that whenever I visit your blog there are pictures of magical places and delicious food. Thank you for sharing.

  5. That view is out of this world. So beautiful! I've never had a real full afternoon tea, but after this pics I think I might.


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