Here is New York

I've been awfully out of the loop these past few weeks, and, in a roundabout way, it's all because of this place – New York. Last week I made my largest-ever purchase to date and bought plane tickets to go for a whole month in May. So I'm working all-hours to try and pay myself back.

I was definitely on the verge of being incredibly excited, but coming across this collection  of vintage images of the city has really tipped the balance. 

I'm a terrible tourist, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, and when I'm away, I do all that I can to avoid the tourist traps and blend in as much as possible. I'm a tourist of atmospheres, I find, and want to experience things just the same way as the locals do. 

Atmospheres, however modern or cutting-edge, are all borne out of the history of a place I think – out of atmospheres that have gone before. These photographs, from the early to the middle of last century, go some way to conveying the evolution of an atmosphere. I can't stop looking through them. The whole collection can be found here.



  1. Oh, I am sure you will have a glorious time! New York is amazing. I used to live there and I am loving these photographs: it's amazing how, through the nostalgia, so much remains. New York has grown up with and through time, and so many of the layers are still there. You will absolutely love it.

  2. I'm so so envious! A month in NYC; wowsers! What will you be doing for that length of time? Other than eating, of course...

  3. Wow what an adventure. A whole month in NY. I've never been but it is definitely on my wish list. I look forward to reading about your atmospheric holiday. Although I do like to see some of the sights I equally like just sittiing and soaking up the atmosphere of a place.

  4. "a tourist of atmospheres", I like that. I feel the same way.
    So great that you get to go to NY! And for a whole month... be sure to keep us updated. I'd love to go one day, myself...

  5. Oh how fantastic! You're going to love it. I wish I could go and bump into you by accident!

  6. I feel the same way about blending in with locals when I travel. It's so much better to experience things as locals do.

    Beautiful images!

    Camila Faria

  7. They all look beautiful and alluring, perhaps because they are from times gone by, but I think my favourite is New York in the snow. Very seasonal...

  8. How exciting! May is an excellent time for New York. I'm here for recommendations if you need 'em!

  9. A whole month is very exciting! Great images, I love the 1950s one of the people rushing over the road, so evocative of city life.

  10. wowsa, I got goosebumps scrolling down these images. you must be so excited! new york is a blast, one of my favourite places ever. If I could live there, I would.

  11. Naomi: Lucky you! I'd love to live there, so I'm gifting myself a little snapshot of what it would be like. I hope I do love it!

    Kat: Honestly I'm not quite sure yet! I'm sure a month will fly by though. So far, I plan to go to as many coffee shops as possible...

    Michelle: It certainly is an adventure! Atmospheres are so important to me when I visit other places - although I think I will try and see some sights this time - I felt a bit lame the last time I was there!

    Inge: I sure will - I really can't wait.

    Anabela: Maybe at Moma? In the canteen? I'll be paying more attention to people running up behind me, just in case!

    Camila: I'm always so delighted to hear that its not just me that thinks that way!

    B: The snowy one is my favourite too. I'm quite glad I'm missing the New York snow though - hopefully anyway!

    Kate: Is it really? That's good news. I might definitely be coming back to you on that offer at some point - tips would be amazing!

    Rebecca: It really is - I haven't been anywhere for that long for a very long time.

    Hila: They're quite something, aren't they... I would live there if I could too, in a flash. I've been before and just felt so strangely at home there. I can't wait to go back.

  12. Siubhan! I landed on your lovely blog thanks to BlackEiffel and I'm so glad I did! I am a lifelong lover of new york and get back to it any chance I get (luckily montreal-new york is done relatively easily). Thank you for this great blast from the past!


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