A birthday

This weekend I discovered a place that I love nestling merrily in a place that I really don't like. It was a  little cafe, all wood pannelled, with old advertising billboards all over the walls – Cadbury's, Hovis etc – and with smart waiters waiting to bring trays to tables. It was so unexpected, sitting as it does on the periphery of what I consider to be one of the most miserable shopping experiences in England.

But, I think discovering something good about something bad is quite a good way to spend a birthday, if you hope to start as you mean to go on, and it just so happened that I ended up there for some unexpected birthday cake last week.


I've written before about my December habit of buying myself presents – this year, I've had so much else to do that I haven't bought a thing, and as a consequence, all those things I would usually have already bought for myself, instead made lovely birthday presents from Ben and my sister. It's much better this way.

From my sister, this amazing Apres Ski necklace. I like this such a lot because it looks like a little triangular tortoiseshell boat – and the packaging it came in is delicious.




Wolf & Moon are fairly new to me, but Hannah, who runs it and makes everything, sent me an email a while ago, and Ben cottoned on and bought this little necklace for me. She makes beautiful pieces with all sorts of different materials. My little triangle is wooden with a sort of shiny gold inlay and some kind of universe-looking something in the middle. Perfect for last-minute Christmassing, I'd say.


  1. happy birthday! those are some fine jewellery, i'm so book-marking that for gift ideas (... for myself :p).

  2. Oh, how lovely! Hooray for December babies. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. x

  3. Beautiful necklaces! Happy birthday to you. I am all for buying oneself presents on a birthday too. Also with the charity shops, firstly thank you! Secondly, it may be just me but I feel like charity shops just aren't what they were. (Much as that makes me sound like an old lady!)

  4. happy belated birthday! looks like you got some great pressies :)

  5. happy birthday! and I do empathise with crappy shopping experiences. but hooray for birthday cake!

  6. Lovely acquisitions. I hope you had the loveliest birthday! I share your habit of December purchases, to my detriment.

  7. Wonderful little treasures + chocolate cake sounds like a happy birthday :)

  8. Happy birthday! The place you found sounds lovely. And that cake looks good!

  9. Discovery is the key to a Happy life! The place sounds lovely, and I'm smiling after reading it's description :)))

    sending you happy spells


  10. Happy birthday! I'm quite pleased that I stumbled upon your blog recently, and those necklaces are really lovely!


  11. Happy belated Birthday! Just arrived to your blog by chance -loving it!- ...and feeling honoured to see a picture of the packaging I designed for Apres Ski! Glad you like it :)


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