Icy Christmas


A few years ago, before I started this blog, I went home for Christmas (very much like I am preparing to do right now as a matter of fact) and when I got there, the weather was off the scale. The whole island was covered in ice – even the tide line, salty as it is, was frozen into sharp little shards of ice that crackled and cracked as the waves churned them about. 


As E.B. White, whose 1950s New Yorker Christmas writings I like to read at this time of year, put it: 'Everyone has one Christmas he remembers above all others, one blindingly beautiful occasion.' And I think this one is mine, in terms of on-the-surface beauty at least. 

While I'm half glad that it is not meant to freeze this year, as it makes driving the length of the country a bit of a roulette, the fact that the island won't look like this this Christmas (or perhaps ever again!) is a little sad. So I thought I would post these to remind myself, as E.B White also writes in a different Christmas essay: 'Rememberance is sufficient of the beauty we have seen' which is a thought that I quite like.


  1. this is probably the loveliest christmas post I've read. you always manage to convey things from such a unique perspective.

    have a wonderful christmas, and enjoy!

  2. these images are so beautiful! have a nice christmas!

    I also tagged you here, if you'd like to do: 11 Questions Tag

  3. Those photos are gorgeous. And the quotes by EB White are lovely. It's got me thinking about which my "one Christmas" would be.

  4. So beautiful. I'm not sure I've had that Christmas yet, though now that I think of it, one does spring to mind.

    Yours is quite the loveliest thing. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your lovely posts, always.

  5. oh, that is so beautiful. and i love the EB White quote. i definitely have that 'one christmas' in mind.

    i hope you are having a wonderful holiday. xxo

  6. How beautiful! Both the images and the sentences. I guess you'll always have that christmas...

    Camila Faria

  7. wow these photos are so haunting. it looks beautiful there. probably a pretty magical place to grow up.

  8. What stunning photos. I've never seen ice in the sea before, bet it's beautiful when you're there, incredible colours too. I can imagine you must wrap up warm to enjoy it!

    I'm really enjoying clicking through your blog :)

  9. I love these photos, although I must admit I don't even want to imagine how cold it must've been :)


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