Sightseeing #4


Just a couple of bits and pieces that have caught my eye lately.

 1. PAN AM/Hair Envy
If you can ignore the awful computer generated airplane shots, PAN AM is pretty easy and fun to watch. It's not Mad Men – it's not as smart – but it is quite compelling, and does touch on some 1960s feminist themes that Mad Men only briefly grazes, which is good. 

Aside from anything else though, my hair is currenly at an unprecedented and ridiculous length right now, and the 'long bobs' that are everywhere in PAN AM all look just about perfect to me at the moment. I'm definitely leaning towards getting one for myself.

Talking of things I am leaning towards getting for myself, Anabela just posted about her and Geoff's 2012 Dreamcats calendar, which I love. I have a secret soft spot for a good calendar (this definitely qualifies), and as I'm still waiting patiently for the right time to kitten up, this calendar seems like the perfect thing to brighten up a predictably miserable January 1st, 2012.

I went to primary school with Sarah, believe it or not, and run into her every so often when we're both back at home at the same time. Her jewellery designs are all inspired by the sea, with golden barnacles and lovely glints of light sparkling from the stones that she chooses. Her work is commission only, I think, but I love it all, and just wanted to share it a little!

In other news, I answered a couple of questions about something I don't know very much about – film photography – on Nancy's blog last week, if you are interested to see. There are some other very  insightful and more interesting answers from more knowledgeable film-using people on there too, luckily.


  1. I love that Godard/Anna Karina hair cut. I watched the first episode of Pan Am then decided to find out whether it would be dropped before watching the rest. How goes it?

  2. I've been having some serious hair envy lately too. Which means I should cut my hair.

    I love the fieldguided calender, am thinking of buying one.

  3. A lovely list. I have been wondering whether to watch Pan Am or not. Perhaps I'll give it a go. I really must watch Mad Men at some point; I've only ever heard the highest praise for it.

  4. I love the air in Pan AM- my hair was actually fashionable 45 years ago! Ha.

    I'm really enjoying it- it's pure enjoyment, not serious TV.


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