Shirley, Lula, the Gentlewoman & I

I like to really make the most of my magazine reading. You have to, I think, when your favourites only come out twice a year. I plan them into my free time, deciding whether to read them at home, curled up on the couch, or in a cafe curled up in the atmosphere. I also carefully consider what to drink while I read them – every magazine has its own personality, just like every drink, I think.

I'm not ashamed to tell you that I read the whole of the new issue of The Gentlewoman in one long, coffee-fuelled sitting this weekend. It's just wonderful.
The Gentlewoman
When I begin to read a Gentlewoman article, I instantly remember why it buoys me up so much. For me, it's just like coffee, which (as I seldom drink it) buoys me up a whole lot when I do have a cup. The Gentlewoman always reminds me that a world where people who achieve amazing things really exists, and the old-fashioned profiles within it are endlessly inspiring. It's sophisticated, and deserves a sophisticated drink, I think. Too early in the day for brandy or wine, cafetiere coffee is perfect.
Lula & Shirley
Lula, on the other hand, is more of a 'shirley temple' mocktail magazine for me. I like to read as slowly as possible, drawing it out and making its whimsy charm last as long as possible. It's sweet, but can get a little saccharine if you do too much at a time. 

This lovely drink was perfect on a hot day (as Sunday was). A cool long drink with ginger ale, orange juice and grenadine, it seemed to fit old Lula's personality quite nicely.
Funny Girl, that Shirley


  1. magazine time is my favourite! i love turning each page not knowing what to expect and the smell of the nice paper. i have a couple i haven't even opened yet, i'm going to make time with tea and a blanket this afternoon :)

  2. I really need to find a copy of the Gentlewoman, the title alone is just so good. I like to savor magazines too. I always read oh, comely with a cup of peppermint tea.

  3. i am still waiting in anticipation for my Lula to come. and yes, i love reading magazines with a cup of chai tea and some cookies.

  4. Yes yes so true! Reading materials do have their own proper pairings, like the standard drip coffee and New York Times (maybe an Americano for the Wall Street Journal?). I will have to try this Lula / mocktail combo.

  5. Lula and Gentlewoman are my two favorite magazines. I'm starting to outgrow Lula, though, since turning 30. Gentlewoman is such a rare and beautiful publication. The black and white photos and paper quality kill me. Two new magazines I recently discovered and have tentatively elevated to my favorites group are Kinfolk (talk about paper quality!) and The Chicagoan (probably just a Chicago mag to start).

    Magazine reading always lifts my mood. I remember consciously feeling very mature I first got my subscription to Sassy as a preteen and lounged on my bed reading from cover to cover, playing a tape in my boom box. Even now cracking into a new magazine gives me a bit of that kind of excitement.


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