Battening Down

After shivering all the way back up the hill to my house this evening, I think it's safe to say that we're definitely back on track with the seasons, which means that it is safe for me to now talk about wool as much as I like. This is definitely a relief, as I do like wool. 

This weekend, I've been feeling the need to get some things in order – unpacking wool things and my collection of scarves for the long haul, sewing up long-neglected dangling coat hems, drinking as much tea as possible and thinking a lot about knitting.

My grandmother's needle book – very useful when sewing up unravelled hems. I'm entirely in love with the typography on the label, as well as the fact that some of the needles still have thread attached to them from the mending of decades past. 

My mother (queen of knitting) came to visit this weekend, and cast on this lovely purple charity-shopped Jaeger wool for me – it's just a little experiment, and I'll probably unravel it all again, but I thought it might make a good hair bow, if I scrunch it up in the middle and attach it to a bobby pin. 

We took a little trip to the Toast shop in Bath too while she was here, and the jumpers were beautiful. It is high time I learned some cable stitch – it will have to be my new season resolution.



  1. What lovely eye-candy. I just want to snuggle up to that wool. It looks so luxurious. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. yes the chill is in the air. so great you've gotten started on some knitting projects. i have so much great yarn your inspiring me to pick up the old needles again.

  3. I love that green sequinned headband, it's fabulous. :)

  4. Cables are much easier than you`d think. They just take a little concentration and they always look fancy.

    I like your green sequin headband. I have a few things around that I wish I would be the girl to wear, but they never quite make it into my outfits. They are my `girl I want to be` items.

    Found your blog recently and I love it.

  5. Please do talk about wool. I get sick of all the thin acrylic jumpers out there. Wool is infinitely warmer. Also the mauve colour of your yarn is perfect.

  6. LOVE this. Am following now :)


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  7. oh yes, I do love wool, talk away :) this post has such a cosy tone, I love it. I've always wanted to learn how to knit, I should get my grandmother to teach me.


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