Winter is Coming

In these two hemispheres, there's always one season or another that we're  not satisfied with. For the southern hemispherers, it's the hot days and nights of summer (as evidenced purely by Miss Moss's recent need for her 'summer psyching' posts, feel free to correct me!); for us northerners (I'm sure that's across the board) it's the deep dark winter. And it's on the way.
Top line: 1. Hello Mr. Fox   2. The Sartorialist   3. My sister's tweed coat
Bottom line: 4. My tweed flat cap   5. Emerson's Journal (I think picture was deleted, hence bad link!)   6. Wayward Daughter

This all got me to thinking about the things that never fail to get me excited about winter. Autumn unarguably brings the best food along with it (butternut squash – so soon!), but, if fabric can be seasonal (and I'm fairly sure it can) I think it brings the best fabrics with it too.

Summer is all pulled chiffon and dull cotton, but winter, for me, is all about tweeds, wool and sequins. Add a breton stripe or two (as I always do) and you have a perfect winter wardrobe I reckon. Layer upon layer, thermal upon cosy thermal, topped off with grey wool tights, a well-wrapped scarf and a sequin or two to keep it happy, and you're away.
Top line: 1. Lolitanie   2. Hanneli   3. Good Night, Day (via)
Bottom line: 4. & 6. Maska Knits   5. Kris Atomic

I know a man who weaves tweed on a beautiful big old noisy weaving machine, have a mother who knits wool into lovely jumpers and have already sourced a sequin/glitter wholesaler or two, so I think, on my budget of air, I might just do alright this winter.

Top line: 1. Sequin clutch (it's from Zara, I recently discovered)   2. Miu Miu Boots
Middle: 3. by whimsical  
Bottom line: 4. Zara September lookbook (via)   5. The Sartorialist


  1. Ooh, all so pretty. Love the addition of sequins.

  2. Sequins! That's unexpectedly delightful. Dark winter days with a wink of glittery color...and then a nice wool coat to keep the baby sequins warm.

  3. I love tweed but I couldn't possibly wear it in Manila, too tropical for tweed! This photo collage is brilliant. :)

  4. oh I think just because of its outfits, I prefer winter to summer. I love these images! especially Lolitanie!


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