Darks of Summer

Thank you all very much for your very kind comments on my last post – I'm so pleased you thought they all worked out ok. As I mentioned, here is the dark side of summer, at least as it emerged from my camera. We've had plenty of the dark side this year (as the BBC corroborates), so it fits. To be honest, these murky photographs are probably more testament to my inability to use the camera properly than anything else, but I rather like them all the same.

summer darks

The flowers I found on a Sunday evening walk around a bit of Bristol I've never visited before, and the dark room is my bedroom just at the moment before the sun sinks behind one of the other buildings on the street. The poor little garlic bulb isn't so very seasonal, but he (or others like him) has featured all the way through my summer, lending purpley cloves to hot sauces and cool dips – it seems fair that he gets a little look in.

The harbour is the one I visited in Cornwall a few weeks ago, just in the evening, when all the tourists disappeared and the little boats came back for the night. Talking of little boats that arrive in the night: as I post this, I am on one myself – the late ferry to Islay, for a home weekend.


  1. Wonderful pictures!
    Have a fine home weekend!

  2. oh my gosh, those pictures are GORGEOUS, and i love the colors!

  3. that orange colour is so striking. how do your photos come out so beautiful? I can only dream of my photos turning out this well.

  4. I adore the flower photos, I think they came out beautifully <3

  5. Beautiful captures ! The flowers picture are gorgeous :)

  6. Both the dark and light produced interesting and aesthetically pleasing photos. Although not technically perfect, they have more life than clean digital. Sometimes I enjoy over and underexposing a roll of film simply to see what happens and the results are always pretty cool. Love film.


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