Lights of Summer

I once said to somebody that the world of film photography, and learning about it all, was similar in nature to opera, or fine wine – they are bottomless pits of niche expertise where you can keep on learning forever – which is a little intimidating.

Nevertheless, I took my first camera film in at least a decade to the developing shop to be developed this weekend. It had taken me all summer to finish the film. Convinced that I would be embarrassingly handed a packet of blank photographs, I was surprised to see that they all came out, and not just that, but split themselves merrily into two distinct camps: the light summer, and the dark.

Scan 9web
Scan 10web
summer lights
Scan 12web
Scan 13web

As today happens to be a day of luminescent pastels and sunshine in Bristol, I thought I'd post these summer lights, with all their pastelled optimism, and save the darks for later this week, when it will probably be grey and dark, raining, and altogether more fitting.

The lights are all luminescent and bright, while the darks are underexposed and brooding. It sums up the summer we've had quite well: there has been some lovely hot light, but plenty cold dark.


  1. these photos are so gorgeous! film really does capture a different kind of light. i especially LOVE photo #1! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow, these are stunning! You must be so pleased :) Looking forward to the next set.

  3. Luminescent is the right word indeed. This is a lovely set and I wish I could be in Brighton during an English summer!

  4. Woah, if this is your first roll in over a decade, you obviously have "the gift." You should've seen my first roll, ugh! I once heard someone liken the first roll to the first pancake poured into the frying pan -- you can never expect great results. But yours are wonderful!

  5. oh wow you are bloomin good at taking photos! I haven't gone near a film camera for ages, Its such a foreign world to me! I adore that you've collected your photos into ones in which the light interests you or their colours. You've inspired me to be more creative in choosing my photos! The shot of houses next to a stripy T are stunning, looks like a brochure for clothing!!

  6. These photos are beautiful... the lured me in and down the page and I just got lost in your lovely blog for about 10 minutes. Your site is wonderful and I'm so happy to have 'discovered' it!
    - Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane)

  7. beautiful dreamy pastels. well done!


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