I'm pleased to be in August, the pulled thread leading to high summer's ragged edge. All (well, most) of the long-awaited, long anticipated, long-planned-for events of the summer are over and I'm already looking forward to when it gets cold enough to burn the logs I've been drying in my fireplace all summer long and drinking whisky & old fashioned cocktails beside them as they blaze away. Looking back on my posts from last year, I was at this point in July, so I consider this a definite improvement.

So, I'm pleased that it's August, but I'm even more pleased with the little details of the last few months that have been captured in my camera. Now I'm looking forward to developing the pictures from a recently resurrected film camera that I've used sparingly over the last few months.


my sister's beautiful hair
peas from the pod

summer pudding & champagne

neutrals, cos


A long-awaited piece of on-sale a.p.c. to add to my wardrobe of Breton tops - this one is by far the softest of them all
My sister's beautiful hair
Peas straight from the pod - the only way I'll ever eat them
Summer pudding & champagne, in the garden, of course
Neutrals on a visit to Cos
A little Russian family on my mantelpiece


  1. I'm equal parts looking forward to Fall (my favourite season) but hanging onto summer (it's been such a nice one here!) I suppose that's the perfect place to be at in August!

    Such lovely photos. I'm envious of your a.p.c.!

  2. I find it hard to long for Fall, even though it's my favorite season, because we didn't have any Summer. So much grey skies, so much rain, so little sunshine. I think just two weeks of Summer weather will do and have me not only ready but longing for Fall.
    Great shots, especially the garden photo; oh how I wish for such a day.

  3. These are gorgeous photos!!! I have been excited for fall for months... it's my favorite time of year :)

  4. oh that apc shirt is so wonderful! and one can never go wrong with a set of babooshka dolls! :)


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