Colour Block

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Image via A.P.C.

I always used to read magazine articles about the dreaded 'colour blocking' with some disdain. That was until a couple of weeks ago, when I realised that as it turns out, I wear nothing but blue. I'm doing it right now. Unoriginal as this already is, it is not a new problem.

When I was about fourteen years old, at boarding school and sharing a tiny room with three other fourteen-year-old girls (not the greatest time of my life), I had the smallest wardrobe you have ever seen, and, inside it, was a sea of blue wooly jumpers and blue jeans. There was also a tan sheepskin coat from La Redoute that everyone laughed at and that I considered to be the height of French couture, but that's beside the point.

All this blue was a problem, my fourteen-year-old self realised, and by the next school year, I had entered my psychedelic stripy Gap jumper years, which were a debatable improvement.

Image via A.P.C.

But it's not all bad! I recently put my wardrobe into colour order the other day and was entirely satisfied by the result; Joanna Goddard knows New Yorkers who dress all in one colour on purpose; and A.P.C have, helpfully for those New Yorkers, organised their new collection in colour order too.

I do need to break away from the blues though, I will never carry it off the way the girl in Joanna's article can. Perhaps instead, I'll linger longer on the reds section of the A.P.C. site, and see if I can shop out some things like these:


  1. Is the second image your actual wardrobe lol? Wow, thats a LOT of blue :) I'm really liking the reddish sandals, deff a good addition to any wardrobe! x

  2. I remember that article about the people who wear one color, it was reprinted in the telegraph magazine or something. I considered the all grey to be an option, and was impressed with the one women's dedication to kelly green - not an easy colour. I seem to have a lot of blues/greens/greys, but i agree it's hard to break out of the habit.

  3. love this post!


  4. there's something so pleasing though about looking at such colour blocks, it's like they agree with the eyes. You did such a great job here. I admit that I have no idea how to do such collages, I wish I was more adept with the computer.

    p.s. the minute you mentioned boarding school, I imagined all sorts of romantic stories for you - silly me :)

  5. I thought the girl that was only wearing electric blue was slightly crazy, so I think it's good your making an effort to break out of you blue-zone before you become like her :D And I love the items you picked out btw!


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