The self-bought gifts to myself have been rather flying through the letterbox this past week, and were all left behind in Bristol when I took myself off to Islay for the weekend. This means, of course, that I get to discover them all over again now that I'm back.

This Topshop blouse is Pinterest's fault entirely – I pinned it, I went back to it a few times, then just had to order it just to 'try'. Then I fell in love with the 1930s style (slightly 'magic eye' puzzle) print and the lovely collar, and that was that.

The New Yorker
Pancakes and Magazines
This wasn't strictly through the letterbox, but, after a long search, the New Yorker and I finally ran into each other at a newsagent in Bristol, and I brought him home with me. Then we had a pancakes & nutella breakfast together – it's a real romance.

The Rules of Civility
I've been reading reviews and hearing radio articles about The Rules of Civility for the last few months, and, typically, saw it in a bookshop, fell in love with the cover and bought it online (you can read how bad I feel about doing things like that in this post here).

So, I was intrigued by the content first, but it was the cover that clinched it – all matt black with foil on the beautiful typography – I hope that doesn't count as judging a book by its cover. I haven't started yet, but if it's a let down I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. That is a pretty book cover, I am sure it won't mind that you judged it on that, otherwise why would it have gone to all the effort of doing itself up?

  2. So lovely! That blouse is so pretty, I love the peter-pan colour and the fun print~

  3. that top is gorgeous, nice pick!
    let us know what the book is liele, i'm always looking for new things to read!

  4. I read a sample of The Rules of Civility a while back and loved it! I just downloaded the entire book for my Kindle. We don't have that cover here (I believe); otherwise I'd be tempted to buy the physical book!

  5. I love your photos of Things, mine never come out so well nor non-gray. Carefully thought-out typography should be a priority for print and online media.


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