Unexpected autumn summers, such as the one we had at the beginning of this month, are amazing, peculiar and weirdly distracting, I find. 

The good weather becomes something that you have to make the absolute most of before it disappears – as though you have to get in as much sun-time as possible before someone notices and switches on the cloud cover.

With this in mind, you come up with work schemes that require park visits and get nothing done, while at the same time, your winter coat, wool scarf and cotton summer dresses are all suddenly hanging on the same rail, lost in some awkward seasonal limbo.

It was weird, but it was also glorious.


I took these in Lyme Regis and its surrounding villages on England's south coast – the very same Lyme Regis where Louisa Musgrove falls off the pier in Persuasion and Meryl Streep gets fantastically windswept while falling off the nineteenth-century moral bandwagon in The French Lieutenant's Woman

Unfortunately, there were no such fallen women, literal or otherwise, when I visited. Perhaps if I go back in the winter, when the wind is high and the waves are fierce and the tourists are gone, I might see one or two.


  1. When I saw the first photo, I thought that's Lyme! So envious... Persuasion is my favourite Austen. Though I can't complain too too much, having just been in Bath! Beautiful photos.

  2. Ah! Persuasion is probably my favourite Austen too, so I've been hankering after visiting Lyme for ages. I think I will go back in the winter though, when it's a bit more Austen-esque.

  3. Looks beautiful! :)
    I haven't been to Lyme Regis in ages - must make a visit back soon! :) X

  4. I love Lyme, I end up going a few times a year. Always have to go and spend some 2 pennys in the beach arcade and visit the fossil shop! Persuasion is my favourite Jane Austen. You have captured the light so beautifully in your photos.

  5. hello there.
    i love these transitional times, but they are disorientating.

    i hadn't realised both those films were shot at the same beach.

    i've been feeling pulled back to england, and these photos aren't helping. lol

  6. jane, siubhan, persuasion is my favourite austen too. so of course, i love everything about this post. i'd like to join you in your hunt for fallen woman, or a literary heroine, next time you visit.


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