Sally Scott

This evening, snow is forecast in my corner of England, which always leaves me wondering once again whether it is at all possible to wear something blizzard appropriate and be happy with it. I suspect not, although this New York Times video gallery of New Yorkers and tourists in the snow over Christmas would suggest that a fur coat is the way forward. As fur coats aren't really my thing, here I turn to the Sally Scott winter lookbook.






All images from Sally Scott

My suspicion is that I'm late to this – a suspicion confirmed now that I realise that it is from last year's winter collection. This is another collection of photographs that evokes an atmosphere and a lifestyle rather than making a lot of the clothes themselves, which I am in two minds about – I like the atmosphere, but I would prefer to see more of the clothes.

As far as I can make out, Sally Scott is from Japan, making it very difficult to buy anywhere else, but it isn't so very original – similar pieces shouldn't be too difficult to find. This colour palette is something I'm always drawn to – muted mustards and chambray blues with the odd strong colour to bring out the others. It's winter clothes viewed through a springtime lens.

More than anything though, in a very British way, it is quite possible that as the temperature slowly descends outside my door, my favourite part of this lookbook is actually the stylish presence of tea.


  1. Ha, I do agree. Tea is the winning ingredient!

  2. That's really cute collection, even if it is from last year! I love the English countryside sort of look to them, and everything looks so warm, without looking bulky.

  3. PD: I'm pleased to hear someone sees things the way I do!

  4. I think I agree with you. The Tea is "it".

  5. I love the colours in these snaps, so wintery!


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