Clean Lines


I hesitate to post something springy here, but I can't help it in this case (also I have shamefully bought two summer dresses this winter already...). I've been thinking lately that with the apparent revival of the 1970s trend clean lines are going to find themselves the underdog in a bit of a scrap this spring and summer, which makes me a bit sad.

Above all things, clean lines in clothes are what excite me – they don't clutter, they keep your shape simple (which is useful if you happen to have hips, as I do). With the 1970s, reams of swirly, floaty fabric engulf and obscure, and are much less helpful than their counterparts from decades past. In summer floaty is cooler, temperature wise, but I'd much rather be a starchy 1930s girl than a 1970s hippy.

So, I was very pleased to have come across Colenimo's late-1920s inspired SS11 collection this morning on Liebemarlene. Rhiannon posted the ethereal lookbook images, which are beautiful and here, but, as I'm addicted to the cut of clothes, I'm always more interested in seeing them clear and close up. This collection is influenced by the 1920s (which I think/hope will be a bit of a sneaky high street thing this summer) but look almost under-contol 1970s – the perfect compromise, I say.





All images from Colenimo Lookbook

I particularly like the floaty capelets and capped sleeves – 1970s flare in a useful place – mixed with the simple, clean fabrics with minimal pattern. The summer straw hat would look beautiful with the 'side chignon' hairstyle that has been doing the rounds lately too.

Another reason that I like it is that, if I ever tidy up my sewing corner and get practicing, a lot of these things are quite makeable, especially those starchy linen culottes. It's always this time of year that I get motivated to sew – I should probably make the most of the compulsion.


  1. Those are some really beautiful garments! I can't wait for Spring/Summer to kick in, and for this dreadful cold to go away, so I can wear all the pretty dresses I want to.

  2. I <3 the hat and the tree.. reminds me of when I was a little girl climbing trees in my dresses with my mom getting mad at me.. :)



  3. Absolutely stunning stuff. I especially love that anorak / raincoat!

  4. These look lovely, all of them. And I can very much understand thinking about summer dresses now; it is the only thing that makes sense! :-)


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  6. every garment is absolutely stunning. i want every piece!


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