I've never been a duffle coat girl. 'Too much Paddington Bear, not enough shape' says my inner monologue. Sometimes though (often, actually), my inner monologue needs to be a bit more open minded, and this, to a certain extent, is one of those occasions.

Despite all of that, this is not my duffle coat, borne of a sudden change of heart after years of duffle-aversion, but my mother's, from NW3 at Hobbs (the young trendy Hobbs collection – she's neither old nor serious enough for the Hobbs part yet, she says – I agree).

The coat and I are on the rocks just outside my mother's house on the Isle of Islay. I think every child who has ever grown up in the village grew up mostly clambering and scrambling over them. My sister and I used to decorate carefully-chosen rocks with things we found on the shore, and play house; sending letters to each other via slates and chalk. When it was stormy, we'd go down and marvel at the high tide. On calm days I'd sit and watch the ripples quietly ripple in. I'm quite attached to these rocks, as it happens.

The coat's best feature, in my opinion, is the part that makes it less a typical duffle coat and more of a coat that comes in at the waist (my preference) – the lovely cut at the back. The lining is also very pretty, and the coat itself is probably the cosiest one I've ever worn. All in, I think I like it, although probably not enough to buy one for myself.

I've topped off my largely borrowed outfit with my sister's Christmas present – the vintage looking leather laptop bag, which I'm a big fan of. It's a little bit Mulberry-esque, I suppose. The gloves belong to me (a Cath Kidston Christmas present), as do the riding boots, which I got from Islay's only charity shop.

Every time I go back to Islay, I wonder if I could live there – life always seems so much simpler. Lots of peat fires, long walks on beaches and cosy whisky. I'd like to some day I think, but not soon, and not forever – it's a hard place to live in the winter when the newspapers don't arrive and the mail is cut off because of a fierce storm. On the other hand, fierce storms and stormy seas are kind of exhilarating, and who needs newspapers really?

Duffle coat: NW3 at Hobbs
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Charity shopped
Gloves: Cath Kidston
Bag: Atwood


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm not the world's biggest fan of duffle coats, either, I feel they have to be red or orange or yellow or some other ridiculously bright colour to do anything for me, but yours really does look lovely on you.

    That looks like a really nice place to live, indeed! And I love your boots... what an excellent charity shop find.

  2. Such a great coat, it really looks great on you. And, as always, amazing and lovely photos.

  3. Michelle: Thank you! I'm glad its not just me that has a strange thing about them. I'm not much of a bright colour girl, so that type doesn't do it for me either. This one's a good duffle compromise I think!

    House of Milk: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like them.

  4. i really like the coat, and the boots as well; i think they match nicely.

    i couldn't imagine growing up somewhere so beautiful. i think i'd find so much inspiration from sitting by the water or climbing on the rocks! i love your pictures!

  5. I also have that inner monologue about not enough shape which means I sometimes dismiss some items of clothing too quickly, so it was really interesting to hear about your adventures in the land of the duffle coat!

    I've looked at NW3 a lot, both in stores and online, but haven't yet found the thing that makes me want to splash that extra bit of cash on it. I'm still holding out hope though!

  6. I adore adore adore the dog. Can't wait to move so I can have one too. Btw you wear the coat great, but it defo is a tricky item... you have to be real careful with the rest of your presentation.
    Also I tagged you in my new post, I am curious what you'll write. :-)



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