Country Living

When Ben's parents go on holiday, their house more often than not becomes a little country retreat for him and me. We have roaring fires, bake cakes, make soup, watch films and read books and generally pretend that we're on holiday too, which is what we did this weekend. It's a perfect way to disappear from your own life and gear up for what you have to do when you return to it.

The house is a perfect English seventeenth-century museum piece, with hidden rooms in unexpected places, dark beams, tiny doorways to duck under and mysterious windows. It's not a house for the tall (me) but it is very characterful. When we were taking these photographs, an unwelcome chicken appeared in the garden to root up the lawn, which prompted a strategic chicken chase to coerce it back to its own.

Recently it has been getting slightly warmer, and, as I mentioned in my last post, I've been overly optimistic and started spring clothes hunting already. I justify it by reasoning that I can never find what I want when I'm actually looking, so if I see something I want when I'm not looking, I really ought to buy it. Ridiculous, but there we are.

The dress is a great cut – a wide waistband and just the right amount of flare. The bag is one I have on long term loan from Ben's mother – his dad bought it for her in Florence, and she doesn't use it, so I've been making the most of it. The soup was a very delicious Ben creation.

Tonight we are back in the city, armed with a haggis and a bottle of whisky to celebrate Burn's Night, just as any self-respecting Scottish girl ought to be. I actually really like haggis, so I'm quite looking forward to it.

Dress: Topshop
Bag: Borrowed


  1. What a lovely looking house. I am totally with yu on that method of shopping. If you only look for things when you need them you can never find anything that looks right. It makes much more sense to buy things that look fantastic on your whenever you find them - the chance to wear them will always come up.

  2. That bag... can Florence loan it to me next? :)

  3. Oh - sounds like such a lovely escape! There's something extra-relaxing about escaping somewhere familiar.

    And I love the dress. It looks beautiful on you!

  4. I love old houses. These are lovely photos, but I have to say you look like you're really cold here! :-) dress is very very cute


  5. I absolutely love your blog, I'm following!

    This sounds like heaven. That bag is gorgeous, do you know where your lender got it from?


  6. You have such a beautiful way of taking photographs, I cant wait for the warmer weather I have a stash of things I want to wear!

  7. I love your dress. I agree that it has a great cut, the wide waistband looks adorable and of course it makes you look even prettier. By the way, I love your long and luxurious hair. I wonder what could your hair secrets? :)


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