Autumn in High Places

I've felt totally disconnected from everything Internet lately: a combination of hearing too many murmurings about Instagram and the death of the blog, doing a lot of very uninspiring work, and the darkening evenings, I think. 

Darkening evenings bring other benefits though: perfectly warm-toned autumn light, real and serious appreciation of coffee that isn't iced, the most exciting and unpredictable vegetables of the year, and walking to expensive areas of the city, and peeking in – something I always seem to do when the seasons change.


I don't really think of myself as someone with habits, but autumny walks to expensive places seem to be one that I hadn't really realised I had until I flicked through my blog a little way, and found myself doing exactly the same thing last spring.

I guess nothing cures feelings of disconnect like tried, tested habits do – and nothing makes a habit more obvious than a personal blog does – which is one of many reasons why full-fledged, text-featuring blogs beat Instagram every time – for me, anyway. 


  1. i'm glad you still find the desire to blog because i always find a lot of inspiration may it be from your photographs or your words (take that instagram!). I also find that blogging help me put some order/sense in my life and also I can get really obsessive about stuff may it be a book or a scarf, i can think about it all the time and then one day it disappears and i feel like i should keep a remnant of it. I don't know why, i find it less scary. Anyways, enough rambling, i am just happy to know that you're reconnecting to this blog xmoira

  2. What beautiful photos! And I'm with you all the way - blogs with beautiful photos and words and ideas beat Instagram any day of the week.

  3. I like that - the blog teaching you about yourself. May you long continue to do both.

  4. These photos are absolutely beautiful, I love autumn with all my heart. And I couldn't agree more about instragram vs blogging. I miss my blog friends who have abandoned their words for iphone pictures.

  5. I agree - I love the combination of your words and images... how it strings a thought together. Instagram doesn't do this, though it is fun in other ways. But I'll never stop wanting to see a little deeper.

    I'm glad you're back!

  6. Is that it? The reason why I feel it's so much quieter online? I don't have instagram and although it may be fun, I prefer, like you, the combination of words and images.

  7. I always like reading your posts. I have felt the internet go a little quiet lately, maybe that's why. The combination of photos and words is preferable to just images I think. A little context goes a long way perhaps.

  8. What perfect autumn pictures. I'm so glad you're back and writing! I love Instagram, but I'd miss the excuse to write if I didn't have a blog.

  9. I agree. Blogging and instagram are quite different. Instagram seems to be a shortcut & quite limiting while blogging can be expansive in many ways. Love the autumn photos! It's the season I wish we have in the tropics.

  10. Hi Siubhan :),
    this is my first time on your blog and I find it very nice.
    Autumn is so beautiful and definitely my favorite season.Sometimes,I also find myself walking through the more expensive parts of a city.Maybe because it's usually so clean and neat.
    As for instagram,I can only say that it can be a good platform to display pictures and make them even nicer looking,but that isn't blogging.
    I prefer blogging,but I don't mind if somebody uses instgram pictures in a blog.


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