Broguing Again

One of the unexpected highlights of keeping a blog such as this one is that it often provides a very accurate picture of just how long things last. At the moment I'm looking for some brogues/loafers/oxfords, to replace my previous version, which have finally given up the ghost after precisely 22 months (one month of which was in New York, notoriously tough on shoes) – quite a good record for a pair of shoes from Topshop in my opinion.

It seems to me that brogues have come a long way in 22 months, actually. When I wrote my original post on brogues in 2010, I sat my slightly menswear-inspired loafers beside Ben's proper, serious brogues and there was a clear demarcation between my shoes (for girls) and his (for men). Twenty-two months later, and this seems much less the case.  

breaker small
breaker small

Twenty-two months have passed and now our taste in shoes is hilariously similar. I'd wear his if I could. 

All the fascinating historic brogue details that I wrote about back in 2010 (the British Long Wing, the Austerity Wingtip) all exist on these more feminine brogues, even if their meanings remain just as little-known and obscure. What I like best about them is how they seem so much sturdier than girls' shoes often are – these look as though they might even last forty-four months, plus a month in New York.


  1. Blogs are the perfect way to keep track of an items longevity. I looked back at a post the other day and thought 'I've had that dress since THEN??'

    I still think boys get the advantage in this department, but I'm glad to see an improvement in the feminine variety. :)

  2. I remember that post, didn't realise I had been following for so long! I agree that brogues and such should be more unisex. Some of the girly ones are less appealing i find. That's why I like dessert boots, the styling is the same for the mens and the womens.

  3. The Toast ones are a DREAM. If only I had a spare £200 lying around.


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