Lots of things come to mind when I consider figs. 

First is one of my mother's many hilarious go-to phrases in response to 11-year-old protests of mine about unimportant things ('Siubhan, I couldn't give a fig!'). I'm certain she must be the only person who says it.

Second is the woman who used to pop into a cafe I once worked in to donate the products of her fig tree to our customers every September and October. She loved the tree, but was less keen on the figs, which worked out beautifully for everyone else.

Lastly though, I can't think of figs, or eat them, without associating them with the proper beginnings of autumn.

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When we go back to Islay, my sister spends most of her time chasing Ben around with a notebook and pen, jotting down precise details of how he makes things, so that she can make them herself. I like to think that she 's writing him a kind of unapproved and peculiar ghost-written cookery book. 

When he made this pudding, I had forgotten my notebook, so all I know is that it is figs baked in the oven with red wine and hazelnuts, and served with yoghurt on the side. The wine goes all warm and caramelly and the colours are all autumn, with the last pinks of summer thrown in for good measure. A bit of both seasons, which is just what you need in September, I think.


  1. Beautiful pictures and that dessert sounds incredible. Figs are so beautiful, aren't they? Also, I love the, "...don't give a fig..." line - hilarious.

  2. This little recipe of your brother's looks splendid.

  3. Oh yummy! I only just got into figs these past few weeks. Strangely always thought I didn't like them... but I LOVE them! I've got to buy some tomorrow haha

  4. That looks so good! I don't usually have the patience to do anything with figs other than eat them straight off the tree, but you have inspired me!

  5. I love your mother's genious line! So funny and cute! I was never a huge fig fan, but I always thought it was one of the prettiest fruits.

  6. How funny! I've got a single fig left in my fruit bowl and don't know what to do with it!
    Maybe dream of Italy? ;)

  7. Such beautiful colours that are the perfect autumn palette. Looks and sounds rather yummy too.

  8. this looks and sounds delicious.

    i can't think of figs without thinking of the in-laws (several trees in their garden), and our 5year life in Montenegro (growing everywhere - free figs!)

  9. Might be just what I need for October too. That deep, rich fig shade is so irresistible.

  10. My mum used to say 'I couldn't give a fig' too, like when she used to use 'sugar' instead of 'shit' haha. I always just thought she was mental xx


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