There are few places in Bristol that feel like they're not in Bristol (which is a city escapism that I quite like). Cafe Kino is one of them – for me, it could be New York, or London, or maybe even Glasgow – which means, essentially, that I like it there.


I really appreciate how light and airy it is – I'm certain that my flat was built at an angle that purposefully lets in as little light as possible – and that it actually mostly serves vegan food, but vegan food so good that I don't miss anything non-vegan at all.

They also serve herbal tea in the strangest brewing contraption from Attic Tea. You leave the herbs to flow about for a while, then attach your mug to the brewer, push down, and all the tea drains out into the mug. It's completely mesmerising. Has anyone else seen one before? I'm fascinated.

Although Cafe Kino feels like another place entirely while you're sitting inside drinking swirly tea at wooden benches, it has all the good bits of Bristol at its heart: it's a non-profit workers' cooperative for a start, and in addition it is committed to using local ingredients from local sources – a very Bristol trait that has been rubbing off on me too lately, but more on that some other time. 


  1. This could totally be in NYC. And I've never seen that tea brewer before, going to look up videos on youtube now!

  2. oh, i'm so intrigued by that Attic brewer, I wonder if I can find a place here that uses that. and yes, that cafe looks just like my kind of place. it looks so serene.

  3. Wow - beautiful! It does look very New York, or even San Francisco. That tea looks amazing as well.

  4. I have a local cafe that's similar - although, alas, no neat brewing contraption there. I would like to see this in person!

  5. I could spend a few hours of my day over at Kino's. Lovely place! We had a restaurant here in Rio that served tea just like that, but unfortunately it's now closed.

  6. the tea brewer looks like a Clever Coffee Dripper! i've got one for making filter coffee, it's an ingenious design.

  7. The Kino looks like a lovely place. I love all the wood and painted brick.

    My favourite tea shop (David's Tea) uses and sells these contraptions, which they call "The Steeper". To make "instant" iced tea, they empty the Steeper into a glass filled with ice cubes. Very clever!


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