It's been a while...

... but I think the manic nature of the last two weeks is finally starting to slow. I've been doing some work that I don't usually get the opportunity to do (while doing the other work I usually do at the same time), and having a grand old time, but I'm glad to have enough time to get back into the internet loop again.

While I've been rushing around, lots of things have been changing without my noticing – all of a sudden my twitter is the wrong way round, Topshop are selling spring-like pink patent loafers, the evenings are starting to get noticeably lighter for longer, and although it's still exceptionally cold, winter seems to be retreating a little, if these photographs we took on a weekend walk a few days ago are anything to go by. 



  1. It's been a crazy time for me too, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the regular 'loop' of life. But twitter hasn't changed for me, although I have heard other people mention the change.

  2. It's hard to do the interesting work and the everyday work at the same time - I feel pulled in a whole bunch of directions! It's exciting though...

  3. Lovely photos, I do hope winter is getting ready to pack soon.

  4. A time away from the internet like that, can really give you a new appreciation for it, doesn't it? It's still cold here too, but I also have a feeling this might be the last of the real winter days.

  5. I noticed the day a bit extended just yesterday. It was a wonderful moment. I love light. I look forward to brighter mornings and longer lit evenings.

  6. I really appreciate the little extra light we've been getting. It really makes the days feel longer. Hope the extra work has been enjoyable too.


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