While I spend most of my free time seeking hills and seasides, I had an opportunity to wander around a small factory recently, and I took a camera along. 

I find workplaces fascinating (when they are not my own, of course), but I especially like workplaces full of function, with specialised tools and the specialist people who use them: this one was full of dials and graphs and other fantastically unfathomable equipment. I love a proper old-fashioned dial (one of the main reasons I am so in love with my mid-1990s car, which is switches and dials and levers all the way), none of that fancy electronic stuff, if you please.

I also quite like the fact that although the inside of a factory is probably about as far away as you can get from the floaty pastels I've been seeing in all the spring magazine issues recently, when I look at these photographs I can kind of see some similarities. It's all the clean, functional lines I think, matched up with the colours of the equipment: pastel blues and greens, white paper, occasional silvers, with hints of black and red. It reminded me of Jil Sander, or maybe Celine; but it also reminded me of a few (cheaper) bits and pieces I've been seeing around the internets lately.

1. Dorothy Perkins Light Blue Shift Dress
2. ASOS Bow Belt
3. Topshop Leather Purse
4. Zara Flower Brooch
5. Anthropologie Tie-neck Knitted Dress
6. Topshop Boucle Skirt
7. Zara Sequin Purse
8. A.P.C. Fancy Mariniere Tee


  1. Beautiful combination of photos and such a great way to look at fashion. I was raised in a tool/hardware store and I still have a penchant for those big red tool boxes.

  2. I've always loved this combination of colors.

  3. My grandpa's garage was filled with all manner of gadgets and gizmos, toolboxes and toys. He would be hilariously perplexed to see a skirt compared to any of those things, but I like where you're going with this: clothes that are clean and functional but still fun and inventive are the closet's working tools.

  4. I would never had made that comparison between the clothes and the inside of a factory. It's ingenious though :) For me, factories recall depressing, dark scenes, and so I can't associate them with clean pastels. But I can definitely see the philosophical connections and the links between functionality.

    You always have such unique posts.

  5. That's funny, I am really into red plus mint at the moment. Pretty impressed with the first dress being from DP's. I understand the link with form/function. I am always drawn to minimalism/clean lines over fuss and frills.

  6. Mmm... Like the industrial/fashion combination. Contrasting but complimentary.

  7. I can see the similarities. #5 is actually a pretty perfect match.


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