Unlovable, Loved

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I was very pleased to be asked to do a guest post for Jen of Honey Kennedy while she is away in New York (my first ever). The theme is love, and my post is all about things I once found unlovable, but have learned to love by thinking differently about them. It's here, if you fancy.

There have been some really amazing posts so far, so if you haven't seen them yet, I would definitely recommend a visit. Hila's post on literary love is particularly superb, as is her follow up post about publishing woes, which is so spot on.


  1. great post...as always!


  2. oh thanks Siubhan! I've been meaning to tell you I really liked your post too.

  3. Just read your fantastic post. I sometimes find this happens with musicians. The first time I hear a song, I might hate it, but the second time, I'll have fallen in love with it. Same for some writers. I suppose it's all about perspective.

  4. I like your take on organisation. It's one of the things I should start loving too.


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