Last week marked the year anniversary of the beginnings of this blog. I, after a year of trying to be a freelancer and occupying my sudden unusually large amounts of free time with blogging, was up to my elbows in work, and didn't notice. Or rather, I did notice, I was just too busy to do anything to celebrate it.

When I started writing this blog, I had just quit two jobs in two months. The former I had done for nearly three years, the latter, three weeks. I cried both times I gave notice - I'm not awfully good at quitting..

The day after I quit my second job, I spent a whole day reading blogs, being amazed at the ingenuity of them, and poring through their archives like a person obsessed, (Fieldguided, Lulu Letty & Liebemarlene in particular, I recall). I felt terribly guilty about not having achieved anything that day, and decided that the only way to legitimately spend my time reading blogs was to write one myself. Then I'd feel like I was achieving something.

I kind of think, after a year of blog post induced galavants around the countryside, obsessive photograph taking, and time spent finding ever more inspiring blogs to pore through, that I have.

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  1. I love this post - it's so nice to learn what inspired you to start blogging!

    I stumbled into it somewhat oblivious of the community of bloggers, thinking nobody would find, let alone read mine and it would just serve as a neat way of stashing ideas for friends and family. My friends and family never got into reading it and lo and behold I found a whole community of like-minded people I never thought possible.

    I love your photography and style and you have such an earnest and intelligent writing style. It's always a pleasure to visit here. And I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

  2. This is great, I love the back story behind why you started :) I love the photos, the one of you next to a boat is wonderful!

  3. Your blog is so, so beautiful. I could not be more honoured that you found inspiration in mine (!?!).

  4. I am so grateful to the universe for causing this exact series of events that lead you to start your blog. I have a lovely time every time I visit and would not want to miss out on that experience for anything.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  5. I'm not at all sure what to say to these sweet comments - they really made my week (month?). Thank you all so much for saying such kind things.

  6. happy blog anniversary! i've been a silent reader for some time. here's to more years of blogging! xo

  7. your post speaks straight to my heart as I too have a similar story. Congratulations! Its so lovely to find a kindred spirit


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