'I don't really mind where we go, I just like old things.' I said, last Sunday, on the warmest day of the year. We went to Hampton Court Castle, a 15th-century castle within its own gardens – a vista around every corner.

This garden, with its high red brick walls was almost everything a Frances Hodgson Burnett girl might wish for – walls too high to see over and wrought-iron gates – all that was missing was the secrets and the mystery, and a bit of overgrowth. The colossal entrance fee did little to help the mystique along, but old couples sat grumpily drawing on benches, and around every hedge was a different conversation to eavesdrop on.


I came across this dress entirely by surprise in a charity shop a week or so ago. It has been so long since I found anything worthwhile that I'd almost given up trying. It's French linen, and has a very pretty line to it. The wide pleats are perfect.

The label tells me that it comes from Cannes, which conjures film festivals and swishing along promenades and harbours with a little dog and stiletto shoes. As I possess neither, I stick to my gentleman's flats and add a headscarf, and pretend anyway.


  1. That might be the prettiest dress I have ever seen! It seems like it was made for you. Beautiful!

  2. oh my gosh, that dress is absolutely gorgeous! i love that it's detailed without being too over-the-top.

  3. Beautiful dress! You wear it so perfectly.

    I feel much the same way about what I want to see in the world too... which sometimes makes me homesick!

  4. this dress is to die for, i actually found your blog from another blog is was posted on (can't remember which one sorry, i'm a bit of a blog addict)..and i was like "i need that dress", only to find you got it from a charity shop :-( me. But its lovely and suit you perfectly, you lucky lady <3

  5. I have to agree with Jen, this is the best dress ever. Seriously. And it looks like it fits you perfectly. Congrats on such a find!

  6. have I told you how much I love your blog? well, I'll tell you now :)

    what a find, I can never seem to score such beautiful pieces when I go searching. You look beautiful in it too.

  7. Oh dear, I love that dress! You look perfect in it.

  8. Lovely dress, it looks like the perfect garden dress :)

  9. oh my goodness, that dress! and its such a perfect fit. so gorgeous.

  10. Jen, thank you so much - and for mentioning it on your blog too - so kind.

    Danielle, I was worried that the detailing was a little over the top so I'm pleased you think otherwise!

    Jane, thank you. Imagining things does do that I find, although when you actually make it to the place you've conjured in your head, it is always completely different.

    Faithbell, I do the same thing all the time! It's the best and worst thing about vintage I think. No two pieces are the same, but then, no two pieces are the same.

    Johanna, thank you. No one could have been more surprised to find it than I was! So lucky that it fits too - I'd have been really quite sad if it hadn't!

    Hila, my goodness, coming from you that means a whole lot, so thank you so much. I do feel very lucky to have found it - it's one for keeping I think!

    Anabela, thank you!

    Dizzy Miss Lizzy, the perfect garden dress it certainly is!

    Odessa, thank you!


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