Little World


My world has been decidedly little this past month, as I work to my April deadline, although it has been expanded briefly by watching programmes about Space, such as the BBC's 'Wonders of the Universe', of which the above is a screen grab. I don't know what the iPlayer rules are if you are elsewhere, but if you can catch it, it is completely fascinating.

I've never been much into the Christopher Kane school of printing the Universe onto dresses, but looking at these pictures made me think a little more favourably about pattern. I'm usually a girl of clean and simple lines, but these sweet 1950s dresses have made me think again. Pair pattern with clean colours and it almost cancels out the busy.

1. Dress: River Island 2. Shoes: Vena Cava x Tenoversix 3. Hat: Asos 4. Polish: Topshop

1 Dress: River Island 2. Vintage French Leather Bag: BoMode on Etsy 3. Shoes: Repetto 4. Lipstick: Mac


  1. I seriously want those Vena Cava shoes! I agree, putting the whole universe on a dress seems to ruin the idea of it's vastness somehow.

  2. I can totally empathise with the deadlines - mine seem to be adding up each month. That Space programme looks fascinating!


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