The credits of 'Never Let Me Go', the recent film adaptation of Kazuro Ishiguro's novel, were incongruously light and pretty, for a film that in essence was exactly the opposite. Pastel colours with sweet white text, sandwiching a very good, but fairly mournful film.

It's spring (or almost at least) and my long-awaited spring magazine editions are all arriving in the post and summer shoes are becoming ever more tempting although still impractical. (I have bought some already, to my shame).

The Gentlewoman arrived through the letterbox this week - it's a magazine fascinating to the touch: the paper textures differ all the way through, with cheaper paper weight alongside the most expensive glossy within the most unusual, almost plasticky covers. Oh Comely promises some beautiful illustrations and very pretty editorials alongside some sharp features, which are also incongruous cased within such pretty pastel colours.


  1. Wow, very nice. I'm also drawn to pastels this time of year, and I favor neutrals like champagney beiges and pale blush all year round. I love the Gentlewomen also! It's like few other magazines! I can't wait for the new Lula--although I feel like I just received my very tardy Fall issue.


  2. That picture of the two magazines together is almost the same scene I'm looking at from my couch! Two great reads (though I'm biased as I contributed to this issue of oh comely) and I've found myself wearing a pastel blue skirt today ... connected, possibly? x

  3. I really like Oh comely, and i think I need to get my hands on a copy of the gentlewoman - it sounds most interesting. Spring has me longing for lighter shades too. I sigh a little every time my hand reaches for a piece of black clothing from my wardrobe.

  4. Oh wow. Thankfully I have arrived. haha So glad to have stumbled upon your blog. This is very lovely. love your play of colors. I enjoy pastels so very much. oh and I agree with the comment above. I work every day in black... and I am aiming for a very spring-y look soon. Must-wear-beige. lol


  5. I bought the new Gentlewoman the other week, and again it didn't dissapoint. Both the layout and editorial angle feels so fresh. I especially loved the long interview with Sarah of Colette, makes me really craving a Paris visit. And thank you for leading me on to Oh Comely, looks interesting, but have yet to see it in Swedish magazine stores. Though I'll probably try to order an issue.

  6. i love OH COMELY! next issue is comming out very soon. can t wait!


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