I'm always careful who I admit my obsession with Wimbledon to. Mainly because it's such a shamefully serious one. It  started with school summer holidays, when there were only four television channels and a Scottish summer to entertain my sister and I for eight weeks every year. The only thing to watch for two of them was Wimbledon, so we just decided we'd better just learn the rules and start watching. 

So I spent all the precious sunny days of my school summer holidays inside, glued to our tiny television, watching Sampras and Ivanisevic and Hingis and Davenport. In the rain delays, I'd pass the time walloping a ball against the house, hoping that one of the aforementioned might just happen to be passing, notice my latent tennis skill, and whisk me away to tennis school.

This never happened, evidently, but those summers have left me now with a serious need to watch as many Wimbledon matches as I possibly can. 

There's probably nothing more stereotypical to sustain this than these little pots of English strawberries, but I'm quite happy to go with that. I'll reflex-eat them on their own, or more slowly, with sugar sprinkled on top. If I'm lucky though and Ben has reached tennis saturation point and needs some kitchen time, I get to eat them with meringues, strawberry syrup and vanilla yoghurt, heaped into a pile.

IMG_0065 copy


  1. That sounds like such a wonderful summer tradition. I like the part where young you waits to be discovered as the next tennis star -- doesn't everyone as a kid bank on being discovered for one thing or another? sigh.

    1. I think they probably do – my lack of tennis stardom has all been terribly disappointing!

  2. Is this the famous Eton Mess I've always heard about? It looks wonderful. I must try it myself. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Cheers!

  3. Ooh those look good. Worthwhile sending the Mr into the kitchen it seems.

  4. It makes me so happy to hear of your obsession with Wimbledon. I, myself, had (have?) a very large obsession with all things tennis. Somehow, I've never associated strawberries with the tournament, but I might start now! Yum!

  5. That sounds like a lovely way to spend your summer. I, too, always dreamed of being discovered for whatever new thing I was into each summer. I like that your dream was so consistent. Tennis was not a popular sport in Manitoba, but my Mom insisted that I learn one summer. I'm glad she did!

  6. Those strawberries look so delicious!! :)

  7. Oh, WOW, this is beautiful! Looks like something I would order at a restaurant. You lucky girl! And, about Wimbledon, I must confess: I know nothing about tennis.

  8. Oh you just took me back to my childhood fun of hitting a tennis ball against the wall - only it wasn't flat as it was a slatted woodboard wall, so I never knew which way the ball was going next! I do love hot summer days watching the tennis on tv. You might be able to confirm - does Steffi Graf live near Hampstead Heath in London? We walked past a house and this woman drove her car in who looked so much like her. This is the first time I've visited your blog - I love it!


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