Spring Searching

My work schedule is so peculiar these days that I have to squash my weekend into a Thursday. I do this quite cheerfully: the streets are quiet, the cafes are empty and I can just wander around while everyone else is hard at work. The joke's on me of course when I'm working all day on Saturday and Sunday.

In search of spring

Yesterday Benjamin and I went on a walk, officially to buy some salt, but ended up wandering the grounds of the church turned concert venue, St George's, and finding, to our surprise, the early shoots of spring.

There are a few churches in Bristol which have been taken over by enterprises more profitable than they – lately I've spotted a church now in a hut adjacent to its former premises (now a gymnastics studio), and another turned into a boxing centre. Sport is the new religion, it would seem.

St George's is the nicest of them all - I saw Owen Pallett play here last year, which was quite a magical experience. Inside, the ceilings are high and the acoustics are something special.

So, while spring springs out of miserable February, I'll be working hard on a very large book. When I'm finished, perhaps it will be springtime proper, and time for something different.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm envious of your spring beginning to spring. We're a few weeks away from any signs of it, I reckon! Maybe more if it doesn't start snowing?

  2. Beautiful photographs, I just love your blog! Spring really is coming early this year.

  3. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment, it is nice to discover your blog.

  4. Ahh, beautiful photos! Spring is finally, well and truly, round the corner! xxxxxxxx

    alwaysxbeing.blogspot.com x

  5. Hello! I found your blog via the comment you left on Miss Moss' blog, regarding Adam Simpson's BAFTA brochure artwork- I completely agree with you, there is an intriguing sense of loneliness about them. Then I come here, to discover your lovely blog AND that you've seen Owen Pallett live. Ah, so envious. Your posts are delightful, I'm happily following along now! :)

    xo, Molly


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