Secret Admirer

At a loss to understand Valentines, and as a secret admirer of many things, year round, I feel like posting a selection. I can make no attempts to create meaning around this, the strangest of days – I can only post some simple things that I've admired today.

Valentine's cake
An unexpected cake

The first daffodils

For real old fashioned romance, I suggest Hila's perfectly pitched Valentine's post, complete with sea view, here.


  1. I agree, what a strange day. You write very nicely. And thank you for linking to that post - Persuasion is by far my favourite Austen novel.

  2. Yes - very strange day. Your photos are gorgeous!! I love those daffs.

  3. A strange day - but wow does that cake look good! Nom nom nom! x www.lostinthehaze.com

  4. this post is the opposite of tacky: simple and refreshing. I don't really know what to feel about Valentine's day - I grew up in Israel and we didn't really have it, so it all seems a bit odd to me.


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