Pastificio Mansi


I feel like this post is the internet equivalent of the From Plot to Plate movement – from Giffin Square Food Fair at Deptford Market to my blog in under 4 hours...

I could probably quite happily eat pasta every day for the rest of my life if I'm honest, but there's pasta and there's pasta, and Pastificio Mansi's ricotta ravioli with pork and mixed mushrooms is definitely pasta (by which I mean that it's amazing, and the best lunch I've had in forever). 

Emanuela makes the pasta by hand on the stall (pasta makers: hang around and look out for tips) and Lorenzo cooks it and serves it up. Simple but delicious. Mansi is essentially undertaking a tour of the weekend food markets of south London at present (I hadn't realised how many there are), and will be in Catford tomorrow (for those of you who happen to be around this way). 


  1. Nicely written! And absolutely true too!
    I was in Catford yesterday. Manu & Lorenzo were serving some potatoes & thyme ravioli with mushroom and pork mince sauce. They were absolutely amazing, well above restaurant level and if they didn't run out of them I would have bought some to take home. Unfortunately (for me, not for them) while I was eating my ravioli other people surrounded the stall and polished every last bit of pasta left. Oh well, I'll try to be there earlier next time :)

  2. Lovely. Pasta is one of my favourite things to eat too, provided the accompanying sauce is beautiful. I must admit that something creamy and mushroomy is one of my favourites. :)


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