The Last Few Days in New York

Before I got there, I thought I would arrive in New York and feel just as comfortable with it as if it were London. In reality, it took at least three weeks for that to properly happen. Those first weeks were filled with trying to learn how best to use our time, how best to cross the street, where to eat, how to tip a barman (still not entirely up on that, if anyone wants to enlighten me!)... but the last week was suddenly quite calm. 

We'd worked (most) things out, we had places we wanted to revisit (rather than dashing around trying everything for the first time) and had a couple of loose ends to tie up. So, we just pottered around, drank some coffee and visited some things: Stumptown Coffee for incredible coffee and a chemistry set of brewing gadgets, Pies & Thighs for chicken and biscuits and the best donuts, the UN headquarters (strangely hospital-like) and the Met Museum. 

Then we went home.


  1. I would like to know the unwritten law for tipping bartenders too... I barely ever go out & buy a drink, but last time I did, one of my friends asked how much I tipped and I was so embarrassed because I hadn't! I just didn't know.

  2. One day I will get there. Must have been a joy to spend a month there.

  3. what a grate little coffee house!

  4. oh gosh! love your photos :) I am moving to New York City in August (long time dream finally coming true). I would love to hear any tips/advice you might have to offer... Do you have any favorite NYC bloggers?

  5. I always just put a dollar per drink on the bar after I get my drink. Unless it's super duper fancy I go for $2. I think that's pretty standard? Maybe I'm a cheapskate.

    I miss Pies & Thighs!! There's a chicken & waffles place here but it doesn't have any charm.

    1. A dollar per drink is pretty much what I do too, $2 if it's fancy or the bartender is just great in some way

      I miss Pies 'n' Thighs too!!! The chicken biscuit sandwich + donuts mmmmmm definitely top on my list as soon as I get home in July

    2. Ah I see! It just felt so weird just leaving money on the bar – they seemed to go out of their way to pretend they didn't notice you doing it! THat's good to hear though – I probably didn't make as many errors as I thought I did!

      Pies & Thighs love! It was easily one of my top three favourite places - I could really do with a chicken biscuit right now.

  6. At my local LA watering holes I typically get $4 drinks so I tip $2 unless I'm bar hopping a lot then I'll do $1 per drink. weird situations.

  7. I've loved your NY posts! I went when I was 14 but only did the tourist things, so I would love to go back.

    Not to be too intrusive, but did you find that it was a pricey trip? Did you stay in hostels etc. to keep the price down?

  8. I could never get travel photos as punchy as yours. The last reminds me so much of Turner. I wonder what he could have come up with using a camera.

  9. Your photos are so beautiful. I love New York and it's not always the big obvious stuff that makes it so wonderful but the little every day things that really stay with you. You really captured that.

  10. I miss NY. great pics!

  11. Oh yes, New York, something about it, eh ??
    Beautiful shots, the last one really is something !
    I'm always amazed by skies and clouds, but airplane pictures don't often show the beauty you actually saw, in my experience...
    I really love this one.

  12. oh beautiful images! love the sky view!

  13. I always figure a place out right when I have to leave. But, I still have no idea how to tip. Ah well, more reasons to travel there again.


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